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Category: AR Apps

Augmented Reality Shopping

Augmented Reality Apps Amplifies Shopping Experience

Buying online has a lot of advantages! You can compare price and read customer reviews before making the purchase decision. Besides, you...

Visible City augmented reality app

Experience Vancouver’s Neon Era With Augmented Reality App

The liquid light, for which Vancouver was infamous for, is once again ready for you to experience it. A new augmented reality app allows...

Daqri Augmented Reality App

Daqri Creates Killer Augmented Reality App for Google Glass

Daqri, founded in 2010 by roboticist Brian Mullins, builds AR experiences to be enjoyed with the help of an average smartphone camera. The...

Color Genius Lite App

Augmented Reality for Kids

Colors Genius Lite is the all-new augmented reality app for kids. This one-of-a-kind app helps you to find colors and learn the name of...

Sony Playstation 4 Augmented Apps

PS4 with Pre-installed Augmented Reality Game

Sony announced that their augmented reality game PlayRoom will come pre-installed with its PS4 console. The augmented reality game PlayRoom...

Architip AR App

History Comes Alive with Architip AR App

Experience the world as it was when Jesus walked on it! The augmented reality app Architip now brings the ancient sites of Israel to life...