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Category: Augmented Reality Application


Augmented Reality App mARble to Help Medical Students Learn

With mARble, virtual diseases are projected on healthy subjects. This will give the students an added experience while they are attending...

Epic MAR-Augmented Reality Browser

Mobile Augmented Reality Browser- Epic MAR

EPIC Systems, an independent Information Technology services company had developed a mobile augmented reality browser named Epic MAR.

Up at the O2 app

IMImobile Partners with O2 to develop “Up at The O2” App

This is a Windows app which will provide an enhanced experience to the users who visit The O2. Visitors get a chance to climb a 52 meter...


Crowdfunding Campaign for Interactive Augmented Reality Business Card

The BleamCard, which is the first augmented reality business card, was unveiled in December during LeWeb13. But it has already become quite...


See Words Come to Life with AR app Rev Eye

Rev Eye Motion Print is generated when any sort of print is opened with the Rev Eye app. This provides a new way of experiencing augmented...

Karndean Designflooring AR App

Karndean Designflooring’s AR app Nominated for MOMA 2014

According to the head of digital at Karndean Designflooring, Heather Horton, the app makes the buying process of homes or commercial spaces...

Space Adventure Children’s Book

Space Adventure Children’s Book and Augmented Reality

This fun filled book is about counting, outer space and much more. Each page is also a new and exciting augmented reality (AR) experience...

Speedometer Plus

Track your Speed with Speedometer Plus

Speedometer Plus is an augmented reality integrated speed tracker. You can now track your speed while you are driving.

BMW-Vision Future Luxury Concept

Augmented Reality HUD to be Integrated with BMW Vision Future Luxury

The Vision Future Luxury Concept has been unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, where an ultra-luxury sedan was showcased

OnTheGo Platforms Augmented Reality

OnTheGo Platforms Unveils Augmented Reality Interface for Smart Glasses

OnTheGo Platforms, a mobile technology startup, based in Portland, unveiled Ari™ (Augmented Reality Interface), a fresh interface type...