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Category: Augmented Reality Games

Alien Isolation: Discover the Real Meaning of Fear

Alien Isolation: Discover the Real Meaning of Fear

Alien: Isolation is a game based on the 1979 movie Alien. You will be able to understand the true meaning of fear through this game which...

Toyota 86 AR Game

Play Toyota 86 AR and Get the Thrills with Car Racing

If you love adventure games, then car racing games are sure to give you the loads of thrills. If you want to add fun to that thrill, you...

Pokédex 3D Pro augmented reality game

The Pokédex 3D Pro- The Augmented Version of Pokédex 3D

The Pokédex 3D Pro is an upgraded and augmented version of the actual Pokédex 3D game. This augmented reality game has been developed by...

AR Invaders augmented reality game

Fight Aliens Invading the Earth with AR Invaders

When it comes to interactivity and fun in gaming, augmented reality games are really popular. There are numerous AR games which are...

Table Ice Hockey AR game

Place a Hockey Rink in Your Room with Table Ice Hockey

When we are talking about top augmented reality games, you cannot miss out on the Table Ice Hockey AR game for PlayStation Vita systems....

AR Game Ingress

AR Game Ingress Gets a Update

Google’s Niantic Labs has given a new update to its award-winning augmented reality game Ingress.

PS4 Augmented Reality

Sony Releases Two New PS4 Augmented Reality Concepts

Sony might not be having any plans to release a new augmented reality toy, but it is surely working on this amazing technology for its...

Ravensburger Puzzle App

Ravensburger Puzzle App by Wolpertinger Games is a Huge Hit in Europe

An augmented reality puzzle, which has been developed by Ravensburger Digital in association with Wolpertinger Games, has become a success...

AR FrightMares Game

Shoot Down Frightening Clowns in AR FrightMares Game

If you love to play games which have a mild horror or frightening element to it, then here is a perfect AR game for you.

Run an Empire Augmented Reality Game

Put on Your Running Shoes and Play Run an Empire

The Run an Empire is a game which you will enjoy playing and at the same time, it will help in keeping you fit.