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Category: Augmented Reality Games

Invizimals The Alliance & The Lost Kingdom

Invizimals: The Alliance- An Augmented Reality Game for PlayStation Vita

Invizimals: The Alliance is an augmented reality game for PlayStation Vita. Users can play this video game and get set for some fun even...

Crushing Darkness

Augmented Reality Trading Card Game- Crushing Darkness

Your cards will come to life via your tablets or smartphones and you can trade them with your friends in this AR game, Crushing Darkness.


Fight of the Castle AR

Fight of the Castle AR is an augmented reality, tower defense like game available for free on the Google Play Store’s! Defend your...


Sulon Technologies to Unveil a Virtual Reality Platform at GDC

Sulon Technologies is launching a virtual reality platform which will change your room into a virtual space. The platform, named The...

ESPIONAG3: Berlin -Files-augmented-reality

ESPIONAG3: Berlin Files- An Augmented Reality Game

ESPINOAG3: Berlin Files is an espionage game which uses a unique technology along with AR, namely boARd 3D technology. A special paper...

Global-Food-Fight - AR-game

Mind Pirate Launches Global Food Fight- An AR Game

Mind Pirate has launched Global Food Fight, an AR game which you can play on Google Glass, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.


UIEvolution Launches Astray- An Augmented Reality App

UIEvolution Inc., a universal front runner in connected screen solutions has announced the launch of an augmented reality application for...

Table Zombies- augmented reality Game

Shoot Zombies in an Augmented World with Table Zombies Game

If you are always on the lookout of new games to play on your mobile device, you can try out an augmented reality game which will require...


Kickstarter Campaign Set for AR Game SuperTrip

SuperTrip is an augmented reality game which uses the camera and GPS feature of mobile devices to guide the players in the physical world...

Air Puzzle Augmented Reality

Reach Out and Touch a Star with Air Puzzle

The game uses computer vision to track a user's movements and video overlays to make it appear that tiles are floating in the air around...