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Category: Augmented Reality Games

Temple Treasure Hunt augmented reality game

Explore a Treasure Trail with Temple Treasure Hunt

ThoughtShastra Solutions, a mobile solutions start-up from India, has recently launched an Android game - Temple Treasure Hunt.

The Playroom from Sony

Ace Augmented Reality Demo of PS4 Likely to Grow before Launch

Sony had no intention to release The Playroom, which is an amazing augmented reality showcase of the company. It was designed as a mutual...

Mind Pirate augmented reality games

Mind Pirate Chasing Wearable and AR Games

With $2.5million in funding, Mind Pirate is planning to create augmented reality games for next-generation wearable devices like Google...


Augmented Reality Trends in Gaming Merging Tradition with Technology

The sales of worldwide video game is said to reach around $100 billion annually. However, over the past decade there has been resurgence in...

Sony Playstation 4 Augmented Apps

PS4 with Pre-installed Augmented Reality Game

Sony announced that their augmented reality game PlayRoom will come pre-installed with its PS4 console. The augmented reality game PlayRoom...