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Category: Virtual Reality

Augmented-Reality-at-CES 2014

Augmented Reality Highlights at CES 2014

We bring to you some of the hottest augmented reality and virtual reality gadgets and apps that were a part of CES 2014.


Build your Home in just 24 Hours with 3D Concrete Printer

Use of 3D printing process or a rapid prototype for fabricating large constituents of a building can cause a reduction in energy use and...


Valve Virtual Reality SDK to Release Soon

In 2014, virtual reality is going to play a major role in the gaming industry. Already many companies are working to develop new gaming...


3D Augmented Reality Makeup Mirror unveiled at CES 2014

The leading technology company for facial visualization and imaging, ModiFace unveiled the 3D Augmented Reality Makeup and Anti-Aging...


Virtual Reality Changes the way of Real Life Shopping

Many people still find grocery shopping to be really boring. While it was the same for everybody a few years back, the scene is different...


Augmented Reality: What to Expect in 2014?

Till last year also, augmented reality and its different apps sounded good in theory, but when it came to reality, there was little...


5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Electronics

Augmented reality can be used in different areas. One such area is electronics. There are many electronic devices which are really hard to...

augmented reality for surgery-Using-VIPAAR-Technology

University of Alabama uses Augmented Reality for Surgery

A team of surgeons from the University of Alabama performed this surgery using a combination of two technologies, a virtual AR technology...

Mind Pirate augmented reality games

Mind Pirate Chasing Wearable and AR Games

With $2.5million in funding, Mind Pirate is planning to create augmented reality games for next-generation wearable devices like Google...