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WSJ Augmented Reality with 3D Bar Chart

WSJ Goes Augmented Reality with 3D Bar Chart

The Wall Street Journal, one of the largest newspaper in the USA provides breaking news and headlines from across the globe. It has run a...


Online Jewelry Shop Brilliance Creates 3D Print Replicas for Custom Fitting

Custom fitting turns out to be a common problem for most online jewelry shops as they don’t get the option to show their products to...

CreoPop 3d Pen

UV Light will Now be Used in a 3D Printing Pen

3D printing pens which have made their foray in the market use liquid resin for printing. Use of these pens often turns out to be a tricky...

3D printed item with recycled plastic

Technology Meets Waste Product to Create 3D Printed Item

3D printing is improving with each passing day. Now scientists are using waste plastic from the ocean to create a 3D printed item. The...

Stratasys 3D printing molds

Create Molds with 3D Printing in Less than a Day

Now creating molds will take less than a day with the help of 3D printing. Whale, a leading water and heating systems manufacturer for...

3D Printed Blood Vessels

Organ Replication Takes a Leap with 3D Printed Blood Vessels

Until now 3D printing helped in the creation of many human organs like ears, heart, eyes, etc. A few days back also, it was impossible to...

3D Printing Market

Rapid Growth Expected in 2014 for 3D Printing Market

3D printing is no longer just a new technology which has entered the market. Over the past couple of years it has brought about a vast...

3D Printed Prosthetic Eyes

3D Printed Prosthetic Eyes- A Great Alternative to Prosthetic Eye Implant

Prosthetic eyes can be easily created with 3D printing as the process is much faster as well as cheaper than other processes.

3D Printed Skull

Dutch Woman Gets 3D Printed Replica of Skull

3D printing is increasingly making its presence felt in various areas, especially in the medical field. After 3D printed ears and heart, it...


3D Printers Find its Use in Dentistry

3D printers can be used by dentists to create dentures, models, braces, and implants, without gels and pastes that are generally used by...