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Augmented reality glasses

Transforming 2D Images into 3D Models

The new, revolutionary software from CSIRO will allow users to enjoy a complete 180 degree view of their faces.

Telepathy One - augmented reality glass

Telepathy One to Compete Google Glass

Takahito Iguchi, a Tokyo-based entrepreneur has developed a wearable computing device much like Google Glass.

Docomo augmented reality glasses

NTT DOCOMO AR Glasses To Compete with Google Glass

A leading electronics company in Japan has revealed its head-mount device that is likely to threat the Google Glass

Augmented reality glasses for Translation

Translate Foreign Menus with Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented reality glasses can now help you to translate the foreign menus as you read!

New World Little Shop augmented reality

Augmented Reality Now Available at Supermarket Aisles

Augmented reality is already doing a lot of wonders in the retail segment; now imagine adding a fridge to your smartphone or tablet.

augmented reality glasses

Metaio will unveil Its Optimized Augmented Reality Platform for Wearable Devices at InsideAR 2013

Metaio, one of the leading augmented reality solution providers of the world, has announced development of their first-ever marker-less,...

Image Recognition technology

Image Recognition to Add New Dimension to Retail Environments

Mobile devices are driving the future of computing. It not only helps us to remain connected, but also provides unique solutions to...

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100

Smart Glasses M100 for Smartphones

The Smart Glasses M100 from Vuzix is about to change the user’s interface to the digital world. It is the first enhanced hands-free...

Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive: The Augmented Reality Retail App

SeeMore Interactive brings retail to life, facilitating e-commerce and mobile shopping from virtually anywhere.

augmented reality technology

Augmented Reality: The Next Big Trend in Technology

The mobile market is becoming more and more concentrated these days. This encouraged many technology firms to explore new options for...