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Augmented Reality Games

Top 10 Augmented Reality Games of 2014

New innovations are taking place almost each day in augmented reality. This technology is being applied in different areas, one of them...


Augmented Reality Game Ingress Launched on iOS

Google has launched the iOS version of its popular augmented reality game Ingress. The actual launch of the game had taken place way back...

Pele- King of Football Augmented Reality Game

Pele: King of Football Augmented Reality Game

Baltimore-based mobile game and application development studio, Bully! Entertainment, released a flick-to-kick mobile game in celebration...


Live Game Board- The Publishing Platform for AR Mobile Games

Augmented reality games are quite in demand among those who love playing video games. AR games add to the excitement of the game as the...


Lego Toys Come to Life with Lego Fusion

What happens when the ultimate interactive toy comes to life? It becomes even more interactive! That’s what has happened in case of Lego...

2014 FIFA World Cup augmented reality

Fans to Get a Digital Experience with SuperSport this World Cup

SuperSport, provides an in-depth coverage of African and international sports including football, cricket, rugby and more. This World Cup,...

Augmented Reality in the Logistics Industry

Use of Augmented Reality in the Logistics Industry

The DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation’s Trend Research team has carried out a study which shows the potential use of augmented...

Cadbury's Augmented Reality Campaign at Waterloo Station

Cadbury’s Augmented Reality Campaign at Waterloo Station

Cadbury has launched a new augmented reality campaign to draw more consumers to their shops. The campaign was launched at the Waterloo...


Objects Turn into Touch-Sensitive Visual Display with AR

The use of augmented reality in different types of wearable and mobile devices has increased in the last couple of years. But human beings...

AR Game Ingress

AR Game Ingress Gets a Update

Google’s Niantic Labs has given a new update to its award-winning augmented reality game Ingress.