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Augmented Reality Trends in Gaming Merging Tradition with Technology

The sales of worldwide video game is said to reach around $100 billion annually. However, over the past decade there has been resurgence in...

Augmented Reality retail

How Augmented Reality Trends Change Retail Industry?

Augmented Reality or AR is a relatively new technology, gaining momentum in the mobile world. This technology blurs the line between the...

Augmented Reality Trends

Top Five Augmented Reality Trends 2013

Augmented reality is gradually becoming a mass technology in various domains of our daily life. We got a great glimpse on some of the...

Sony Playstation 4 Augmented Apps

PS4 with Pre-installed Augmented Reality Game

Sony announced that their augmented reality game PlayRoom will come pre-installed with its PS4 console. The augmented reality game PlayRoom...

Mobile Devices

Will Future Mobile Devices Depend Too Much on Augmented Reality?

Industry experts and users from all across the globe are of the opinion that augmented reality can truly unlock new potential in mobile...