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Blippar Image Recognition Technology

Blippar Image Recognition Technology for Google Glass

Blippar, the leading mobile image-recognition platform for publishers, brands and advertisers, today showcases the first-ever image...

Dragon AR App

Dragon AR App Brings Books Come to Life

Augmented reality brings print to life! Moving version of the static image on the paper, a video, a link to buy products or a game can come...

mobile-ecommerce platform

Retail Brings Mobile Commerce to the Mass Market

The Internet of things that use Radio-frequency identification or RFID like near field communication, barcodes, and QR codes are further...

Blippbuilder- Augmented Reality Platform

Blippbuilder: Augmented Reality Platform for Publishers

Blippar announced the launch of Blippbuilder, the augmented reality creation platform for publishers, at the 39th FIPP World Magazine...

Mobile Commerce Platform

The Evolution of Mobile Commerce Powered by Augmented Reality

With the growing demands of augmented reality apps and tools in retail and m-commerce, a number of companies are experimenting with the...