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Create Realistic Virtual Objects with SpaceAR

SpaceAR is a virtual reality platform that allows the creation of realistic virtual objects and worlds. The benefit of this platform is...

The Assembly- VR Game for PS4

The Assembly- A VR Game for PS4

Sony has just announced its first major virtual reality game which is known as The Assembly, for PS4 and its virtual reality headset...

wearable devices trends

Global Market for Wearable Devices to Grow in the Next 4 years

Wearable devices are on the rise and experts believe that the global market for this new technology will grow in the coming years....

Top Wearable Devices 2014

Top 5 Wearable Devices for 2014

Wearable technology is in the limelight now with new wearable devices being introduced regularly in the market. With so many devices being...

Samsung Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung to Work on its Own Virtual Reality Headset!

It is reported that Samsung will be working on its own virtual reality headset which will be focused on gaming. The patent which was filed...

GETVU- The AR Headset with Leap Motion Sensor

GETVU- The AR Headset with Leap Motion Sensor

GETVU, a startup has incorporated augmented reality with Leap Motion Sensor in the Android platform. With the GETVU AR headset, users will...

Oculus Rift-virtual reality headset

Oculus Rift Scheduled for Official Release in 2015

An Oculus Rift spokesperson revealed that the company plans to officially release this headset some time in 2015.With this you can explore...


Sulon Technologies to Unveil a Virtual Reality Platform at GDC

Sulon Technologies is launching a virtual reality platform which will change your room into a virtual space. The platform, named The...

Seinfeld Virtual Reality Apartment

Take a Tour of Seinfeld Virtual Reality Apartment

You can now get a chance to take a tour of Seinfeld’s apartment using Oculus Rift. Greg Miller, a programmer has recreated Jerry...


Augment Your Reality with the SeeThru Headset

The SeeThru headset is definitely a competition for Google Glass but the augmented reality projection is a bit different from it.