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Glyph- Your Personal Mobile Theatre

Glyph- Your Personal Mobile Theater

Glyph, which made its debut in this year’s CES, is a virtual reality headset which can convert into your personal mobile theater whenever...


MakeVR Lets You Create 3D Models with Hand Gestures

This is the virtual reality software that allows its users to create objects in 3D space just by using their natural hand gestures.


Keep yourself Fit with this Google Glass App- Race Yourself

Now you can bring a change to your monotonous fitness schedule with Race Yourself, an app for Google Glass.


Valve Virtual Reality SDK to Release Soon

In 2014, virtual reality is going to play a major role in the gaming industry. Already many companies are working to develop new gaming...


Virtual Reality Changes the way of Real Life Shopping

Many people still find grocery shopping to be really boring. While it was the same for everybody a few years back, the scene is different...

dancing-donna augmented reality dance app

Dancing Donna: The Augmented Reality Dance App

Motus Digital has created a platform for character based mobile augmented reality apps using motion capture technology.

AR Glasses for Firefighters

AR Glasses for Firefighters to Escape Burning Buildings

One of the main reasons for deaths among firefighters is that they often get disoriented due to the pandemonium around them, even though...