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Déraciné- The New Virtual Reality Game for PlayStation VR

Déraciné- The New Virtual Reality Game for PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR users will now be able to immerse themselves in the virtual reality world with a brand new game. The game is called Déraciné. If you love virtual reality games and cannot live without your PlayStation, you will soon have a new VR game to add to your gaming list. FromSoftware, the developer of the famous games Dark Souls and Bloodborne, is going to create a virtual reality game, Déraciné for PlayStation VR. Users of PlayStation 4 will be able to play this game.

What is the Game About?
In the Déraciné game, the player is put into the set-up of a secluded boarding school. The role of the player is to play a spirit which is called upon by a young girl in that school. The goal of the game is for users to prove their existence and interact cleverly with the students of the boarding school and create a wonderful bond with them. As the game progresses and the story continues, the spirit must use its power to change the students’ fate by manipulating the forces of time and life.
The teaser of the game shows a character which says: “Aren’t you excited? You’re going to be a fairy and live in the world where time stands still, when nobody can see what you’re up to ever again.”

The word ‘déraciné’ is used to depict a person who has been replaced. It also means being rooted out.

Other Releases
Other than Déraciné, FromSoftware will be releasing other games as well. At Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018, one of the biggest gaming events, the announcement was made. During the press conference of Microsoft’s Xbox, the company announced another new game called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game will be developed and released in collaboration with Activision, an American video game publisher.

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