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GoPro Launches Its Limited Access 16-Camera Virtual Reality Rig

GoPro Launches Its Limited Access 16-Camera Virtual Reality Rig

GoPro, the action camera maker based in California, has launched its much awaited 16-camera virtual reality rig which was announced at Google’s I/O conference. The rig is called Odyssey and it is now up for sale. However, there is just one problem. Everyone cannot buy this virtual reality rig yet. The company is providing limited access to “professional content creators and producers.” They can buy the rig after they submit an application. The 16-camera virtual reality rig can capture 360-degree video in stereoscopic 3D and has been developed in partnership with Google.

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Built for Google’s Jump Platform

Odyssey is the first camera rig which has been built specially for Google’s VR platform, Jump. With this VR ecosystem it will be easier to create and view VR content. Jump will assemble the video from the 16 GoPro cameras, in the cloud and then join them together to create one 360-degree video which will be of a much higher quality. Users can then upload it on YouTube.

Google created Jump so that different companies can use the platform to develop their own 16-camera rig. GoPro was the just the first company to use it.

Price and Availability

With a steep price tag of $15,000, Odyssey is definitely not for everybody. However, the amount of equipment covers up for the high price rise. You will get 16 HERO4 cameras of GoPro, a microphone, necessary cables, the rig and a Pelican case in which you can carry all these devices. You will also get support and warranty.

The aim of the program is to make the device available for professionals like advertising agencies, filmmakers and news organizations.

Tony Bates, president of GoPro said “We’re trying to target real professionals who want to create immersive stories. We think this is a very compelling way to tell unique stories. We already have a lot of interest. We know that lots of filmmakers want to work with us.” He stated on the development of more rigs “We’re going to try to produce as many of these as we can.”

GoPro plans to deliver the camera rig in early November to people who have been selected for the limited access program. It has not yet been decided how many rigs will be sold for this program.

Even the fully commercial launch of the Odyssey has not been decided yet. With this limited access program, the company is now trying to find out the demand of this product.

What do you think?

What do you think about this virtual reality camera rig? Should more such products be developed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – theheraldbusinessjournal.com

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