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Now Play Keanu Reeves ‘John Wick’ Character in Virtual Reality

Now Play Keanu Reeves ‘John Wick’ Character in Virtual Reality

If action is your kind of movie, you might have watched John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves. If you have enjoyed this movie, you will soon get a chance to become the hero of the movie. Before you get your hopes too high let me clarify that you can do so in a virtual world. With virtual reality technology, you can play Wick in a first-person shooter game. Game developer Starbreeze announced about their plans to launch a new virtual reality video game through a press release.

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The press release stated “In a move bringing cutting edge entertainment technology to one of its most exciting new brands, Lionsgate, a premier next generation global content leader, announced today that it is partnering with leading game developer and publisher Starbreeze to launch a first-person shooter game in virtual reality (VR) based on Lionsgate’s box office hit John Wick.

The companies will team to create a standalone, first-person shooter game based on the world and characters of the John Wick films and centered around the infamous Continental Hotel.”

Crossover Promotion

Apart from a new game, the John Wick character of Keanu Reeves will be integrated into another popular game, Payday. This will allow crossover promotion. The character can already be downloaded and played for the Payday 2 game.

With John Wick becoming a box office success, a sequel is being made where Reeves will return as the deadly assassin.

When Wick is made into a virtual reality game, it will help in promoting the sequel. It could also help in promoting the virtual reality industry as a whole.

Availability of the Game

The game can be played on the HTC Vive VR headset. The virtual reality experience for John Wick will be created by WeVR as a free demo this fall.

Basil Iwanyk, producer and CEO of Thunder Road Pictures, said “Lionsgate has been a great partner on John Wick because the studio not only believes in traditional storytelling but also recognizes the value of extending its movies beyond the screen and involving fans in new ways to explore the characters and stories. Starbreeze is ideal for this because they’re one of the best first-person shooter teams out there”.

The VR game is expected to launch in Spring 2016. However, with the commercial launch of HTC Vive, there will be a teaser type of release available for the John Wick game.  

What about you?

Are you going to play this FPS VR game? Do you love action movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – informacyde.com

Article Source – inquisitr.com

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