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Virtual Reality Helps to Catch a Killer Motorist

Virtual Reality Helps to Catch a Killer Motorist

Virtual reality can be used in so many useful ways. Now this technology has been used to catch a lying crash motorist. With a high-tech video representation, the driver was caught who had lied about being behind the wheel, when his friend died in a car crash. Robert Nowak, 38 and his girlfriend Angelika Raszewska, 25 lied about the death of their friend Michal Sobolak, 31 and claimed that he was driving his new BMW convertible. However, police had their doubts and ordered a CGI recreation with virtual reality forensics. This finally proved that Nowak was behind the wheel when the accident occurred.

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The Accident

The accident happened on September 2013 while the three were returning from the couple’s place where they had been drinking. Nowak was driving the car and he lost control and smashed into a white Lexas.

After the accident, Nowak and Raszewska escaped with minor injuries but Mr Sobolak was thrown from the car and endured fatal head injuries. He died in hospital in spite of the efforts put in by seven junior doctors who rushed out from an adjacent flat. The couple then blamed their dead friend and there were no witnesses to contest their claim.

However when relatives of Mr. Sobolak insisted that he was not driving the car, police called in Advanced Simtech who recreated the crash through virtual reality.

The Virtual Reconstruction

Advanced Simtech checked the vehicles and the evidence was used from the scene. They put together a 56-page report to determine the killer.

When they recreated the spin of the car, they found out that whoever was sitting in the front passenger seat, would have been thrown from the car, just like Mr. Sobolak was. The team also matched the dents and bends in the door and the car seat with the injuries he got on his left leg.

The managing director of Advanced Simtech, Mike Brown said “We can help show what can happen and what can’t happen. We take statements and apply physics to see if it could happen.”

Explaining the process he said “Phase one was to carry out a detailed forensic examination of the damage to the inside of the vehicle, in order to understand any damage that would have been caused by the unbelted occupants as they moved around the vehicle.

“We are effectively linking physical injuries to the unique damage pattern left within the vehicle’s interior.

“Phase two was to recreate the vehicle’s movement and interaction at the point of collision, based upon the physical scene evidence and also the detailed report provided by the Gloucester Collision investigation team.

“Phase three was to apply simple physics to the vehicle motion in order to understand how an object leaving the vehicle would end up if ejected whilst it travelled across the scene.

“Phase four allowed us to link together all of the preceding work and look at predicting the actual movement of the three occupants using our advanced computer models.”

Sergeant Tony Wallace said “Nowak initially pleaded not guilty but we disclosed the evidence we had and they didn’t try to challenge that evidence.”

Nowak has got a jail term of 10 years for death by dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and conspiring to distort the court of justice. Nowak was also banned from driving for seven years.

Raszewska got a jail term for 10 months for conspiring to distort the court of justice.

So, virtual reality can extremely useful in many ways apart from gaming.

What about you?

Do you think virtual reality can be helpful in our daily lives? Should this technology be used more in other areas than gaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – siggraph.org

Article Source – mirror.co.uk

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