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Is Virtual Reality Changing Film Production?

Is Virtual Reality Changing Film Production?

When it comes to technological innovations, virtual reality is definitely one of the next big things in terms of popularity. Apart from gaming, this technology is now finding its use in various sectors. Film production is one of the areas, where virtual reality is being used to bring a whole new experience for the directors as well as the viewers. A short VR film by Jaunt VR and New Deal Studios is proof enough that film production is transforming as a result of this technology.

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Virtual Reality in Movies

The Mission is a short war film which has been produced by these two companies as mentioned above. New Deal Studios is a visual effects and production studio which has used virtual reality for cinematic purpose. The company makes VR films for Disney. Jaunt VR develops virtual reality cameras and equipment which are required for film productions of the next generation.

Users can watch The Mission with the virtual reality headsets from Jaunt VR. They will be able to get a view about how this technology is making its entry in the cinematic scenario.

Viewers will feel like they are literally stepping into a movie and looking around their surroundings. With virtual reality the cinematic experience will be redefined as it will be a drastic departure from the norm.

Will it be for the Better?

While the movie viewing experience for the viewers might improve, how does it affect the directors? For instance, consider a cut in any film. The director will not have complete control of what part of the scene viewers will see. So, will it change the cinematic language? Will each cut hit the experience of the VR viewer making the entire process a chaotic one?

These are some of the questions that professionals in film production need to be aware of before they start using this new technology.

Science fiction movies might become even more interesting with this technology but that doesn’t mean that virtual reality will only have a positive effect on filmmaking. Movie making, movie viewing is up for a huge change in the near future with virtual reality making its presence felt in the consumer space. So, you must make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of this technology.

What do you think?

Do you think virtual reality will impact the cinematic scenario in a positive or negative way? What applications of VR do you like? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – vrnerds.de


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