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Pixel Ripped- A VR Project to Bring Back Old Video Games

Pixel Ripped- A VR Project to Bring Back Old Video Games

Virtual reality games have now become so popular that they have almost replaced the old video games that people used to play earlier. Now, a new VR project named Pixel Ripped 1989, is being developed which aims to bring back these video games. A Kickstarter campaign has started to raise funds and it is being hoped that the “game within a game” will find takers in the form of classic game enthusiasts. Ana Ribeiro who was a pie maker and now is a VR game developer has developed the Pixel Ripped. The game is about VR time travel and a 2D platformer. It will take you back to grade school.

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Pixel Rift

The Pixel Ripped is similar to Ribeiro’s earlier project, Pixel Rift. It is a game based on a girl who plays here favorite titles sneakily on a handheld console. All this takes place in a virtual world in 1989. The demo features a part of the 1989 level. You have to ensure that your hot-tempered teacher does not catch you playing a Game Boy 2D platformer. Pixel Rift is brought back to the basic childhood imagination with spitball fights.

Pixel Ripped

The aim of the game is to take you through full 1989 experience as Nicola. She will play the Pixel Ripped title as Dot, which is a 2D character.

Pixel ripped starts with The Pixel Stone which is a magical gem with pixel power of gaming. Dot’s family used to guard the stone to prevent it from getting into wrong hands. After they failed in their duty, the evil Cyblin Master now uses the power of the stone to split portals between different gaming generations. Dot now needs to save her world. To do so, she has to fight The Cyblin Master through ages. As Dot fights to get back the Pixel Stone, Nicola starts to see the pixel magic’s effects in her own world.

Kickstarter Campaign

The total funding goal of Pixel Ripped is £40,000 goal which is approximately $63,000. At the time of writing, £4,236 has been raised which is around $6,612. The funding has 28 days to go with the last date on 14th August, 2015. If you back the project, you will be able to play a non-VR version of the game as soon as it releases. You don’t have to wait till you get a VR headset.

What about you?

Are you going to back the project? Do you think this will be an interesting game to play? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – vrbites.com


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