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Virtual Reality Comes to Music Videos with Vevo and Samsung

Virtual Reality Comes to Music Videos with Vevo and Samsung

Vevo, the premium music video and entertainment platform will soon make the music video experience for the viewers a fully immersive one. This will be possible with the global launch of Vevo on Samsung Gear VR, the virtual reality headset by Samsung. With this launch viewers will be able to see all the HD music videos and original shows on this platform in a virtual reality world. The Samsung Gear VR 3D headset will be released later this year and then the users will be able to get the virtual reality experience from the music videos.

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A Unique Music Video-Viewing Experience

With the launch of Vevo on Samsung Gear VR headset, the viewers will be able to enjoy a unique music video watching experience. According to the product leader of the company, John Li, the experience is similar to “finding yourself transported to the Apollo Theater in New York City, where Pharrell is performing live in front of you.”

John Li and his team wanted to change the music video watching experience. So they thought of putting them in an immersive, full theater experience. Vevo was designed to be put on Gear VR so that music video engagement could be taken to a new level. Vevo will be played on Gear VR with the help of its app.

Viewers in Canada and the US will also be able to enjoy Vevo TV in 3D. This will provide the viewers with constant video content on the platform. For other countries like Australia, France, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom, where Vevo is available, viewers will be able to see customized local programming.

Announcement of the Launch of the VR Headset

The announcement of the launch of the Gear VR headset was made by Samsung at IFA in Berlin, this Wednesday. At a special launch of Gear VR in New York City, tech journalists were given the opportunity to use the device. The use of the device was described as both mind-bending as well as uncomfortable if worn for longer time period.

The Samsung Gear VR headset is powered by Oculus and also works with the new Galaxy Note 4 phone and tablet, which is fixed with the 3D device and has sensors that determines the head position of the wearers.

With the release of the Samsung Gear VR headset, virtual reality will become even more popular among the people.

What do you think?

Do you think Samsung Gear VR headset will make a change in the way people watch music videos? Are you going to try out the headset? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – venturebeat.com


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