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Steven Spielberg Joins The Virtual Reality Company

Steven Spielberg Joins The Virtual Reality Company

Virtual reality entertainment is not a thing of the distant future. Though this technology is yet to become mainstream, its use is spreading in different sectors. Hollywood is one place where virtual reality has fascinating prospects. This is further proved by the fact that many of the Hollywood talent have come together to form The Virtual Reality Company. Now the company is bringing another renowned Hollywood talent, Steven Spielberg to this team to achieve even more success.

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The Team of The Virtual Reality Company

The Virtual Reality Company comprises of many A-list Hollywood figures who are eager to explore the VR opportunities in film making and entertainment industry. Let us have a look at the team:

  • Chris Edwards

He is the CEO of VRC and also founded the Third Floor, a previsualization studio which has created films like X-Men, Avengers, Gravity and the new Godzilla.

  • Robert Stromberg

This 2 Time Academy Award winner for the production design of Alice in Wonderland and Avatar is the Chief Creative Officer of VRC. He has also directed Disney’s Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent.

  • Joel Newton

He is a producer who has developed an Oscar-Nominated management company and is the President of VRC.

  • Guy Primus

He is the COO who has also co-founded Tentpole Ventures, a seed-stage tech investment fund that have clients like DogVacay, Loom, Pinterest and Fancy.

Now, Steven Spielberg, two-time Academy Award winner in the Best Director category, has been included in the company’s advisory board. VR pioneer Laurent Scallie is also a part of the team.

What’s in Store?

With this team of extreme talents, The Virtual Reality Company is bound to provide some exceptional content in the future. There will be VR content directed by director and producer, Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg. Mr. Stromberg figuratively said “I see several incredible concert halls being built, so we’re writing new symphonies.”

The company is raising $22.7 million in early funding and as they scale up, they will definitely increase this number.

The company has hinted that it will release a documentary where fans will be able to travel with Jerome Bettis as he comes to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Spielberg is also supposed to direct a film adaptation of Ready Player One which will have some VR content in it.

As many VR headsets will release commercially in 2016, it will be a right time to bring in new VR content for the masses. So, get ready to experience virtual reality films in the near future.

What about you?

Are you ready to experience VR films in the future? Do you this technology can make a big change to entertainment industry? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – uploadvr.com

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