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Melbourne Opens its Doors for a Virtual Reality Gaming Center

Melbourne Opens its Doors for a Virtual Reality Gaming Center

Virtual reality gaming is itself immersive in nature. Now, steps have been taken to make it even more immersive with a new free roaming game center. Residents of Melbourne, Australia will be able to enjoy this gaming center called Zero Latency. So, how can visitors make the most of this gaming center? Let us have a look at this post to know more.

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Zero Latency

Zero Latency is essentially a huge warehouse of 4,300 square feet which has been converted into a gaming center. There are 129 PlayStation Eye cameras in this center. This is literally a roaming game center as you have to run or walk around to play a VR game. Walk, aim and then shoot a virtual reality gun to kill your opponent. Each session will have up to 6 players.

Players have to wear the Oculus Rift DK2 headsets which are powered with a backpack comprising an Alienware Alpha PC. The backpack will be attached with various PlayStation Eye cameras.

Playing the VR Game

The users of the headset will be able to roam around freely in the center and play the FPS game. The name of the center Zero Latency suggests that it is supposed to provide a zero latency experience for the users so that the things they view in virtual reality matches with their actions in real life.

The VR gaming experience is priced at AUD$88 per person for one hour. At a single go, 4 to 6 players can play the game. The idea is quite amazing and games like laser-tag and paintball can be taken to a whole new level with this roaming gaming center.

As per CNET, Zero Latency is the world’s “first VR entertainment facility,” but it won’t be the only one. A similar project had made news some time back. The project called “The Void” has plans to open a VR gaming center in Salt Lake City next year. It won’t come as a surprise if similar other projects are seen at their early stages of development.

So, if you reside in Melbourne, Australia, you could now get a chance to enjoy virtual reality gaming while roaming as you wish. You no longer have to remain confined in your couch seats or in front of your computers to get immersed in the virtual world.

What’s your thought?

What do you think about this VR gaming center? Will you try it out? Share your thoughts i the comments below.

Image Source – zerolatencyvr.com

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