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Hiji Band- Wearable for Effective Concussion Detection

Hiji Band- Wearable for Effective Concussion Detection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that almost 3.8 million traumatic brain injuries happen each year which are either related to sports or recreation. What is more frightening is that more often these injuries are overlooked. To deal with such a problem, Eric L. Luster established the Movement Interactive which has developed a unique, effective and customizable wearable technology called the Hiji Band. This tech product will detect and report Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in youth and adult sports. A mobile app has also been created which reports any activity related to brain injury to the person using the app.

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The Hiji Band- What you need to Know

The Hiji Band has sensors which can detect any impact and can be fit inside the custom headband easily. The sensors are combined with computer software which automatically gathers and saves the impact data and sends alerts in real-time to those who use the integrated mobile app. The information is sent when a player wearing the band suffers any head collision. Important factors from the collision, such as speed, location and direction are tracked with the sensors.

Long term data collection is possible with the software which is integrated wirelessly with the Hiji Band. With the data, teams will be able to create a long-term record of all prominent head impacts that the player has faced. Easily comprehensible text, graphs and images are used by the software to send the data to the users.

With the Hiji Band, coaches and players will be able to understand the consequences of the head injuries in a better way. This will help them take smarter decisions to ensure the best health treatment is provided to the players at the right time so that they can have a safe future play.

The Hiji band can also help in monitoring sports performance of the players. It can be used for any sports which include baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer and running.

Features of the Hiji Band

Real time reporting is the main feature of the band. You will get audio, visual and mobile features from this wearable tech.

  • Users will be notified about any impact with an audio signal
  • A secondary notification about an injury is also sent to the user with a bright LED
  • The mobile app integrated with the band helps in giving real time alerts and details about the impact.

The Removable Hiji Band sensor transmits the information to the mobile app. You can place the sensor in the band pocket when you start playing. Your health will be monitored by it and the user of the app will be notified of a possible concussion. You can remove the sensor while cleaning the head band. It has been developed by MbientLab (MetaWear).

Currently, the project is running a Kickstarter campaign. The funding goal has already been achieved, but there are 11 more days to go. So, you can pledge your funds and get yourself a Hiji Band before it reaches the commercial market.

What’s your thought?

Do you think this wearable tech will be helpful for the players? Will you contribute to the funding? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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