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3D Printing Helps Conduct Two Successful Spinal Surgeries

3D Printing Helps Conduct Two Successful Spinal Surgeries

A subsidiary of Medacta International, Medacta USA, announced that with the help of 3D printing technology and 3D reconstruction, two successful spinal surgeries have been conducted by two US surgeons. With the use of customized 3D printed tools, they could perform the surgeries in a more accurate and efficient way. With the announcement of these surgeries, it is clear that 3D printing has a lot to offer in the medical sector. This can encourage the spinal patients and doctors to accept this technology to receive and provide treatment.

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MySpine Patient Matched Technology

The MySpine Patient Matched Technology of Switzerland-based Medacta, was approved by FDA on May 2014. The two surgeons of the Spine Institute of Idaho, Richard Manos, M.D. and Samuel S. Jorgenson, M.D., were the first to use this technology.

According to Dr. Jorgenson, with the MySpine tailored placement guides, a new approach is offered to the surgeons, which will help them to deal with the complexities of the spinal anatomy of a patient. Dr. Manos further said that with the customized process that is provided before operation, the surgeons will get accuracy and high level of precision. This will help them to reduce the time taken for the overall process, thereby providing more efficient care to many patients.

How does MySpine Work?

MySpine Screw Placement Guides are created for a specific patient’s body. Pedicle screws can be positioned in the spine with the help of 3D fabricated medical devices. The guides consist of surgical planning software which assists in the placement of these pedicle screws inside the spine, surgically. MySpine is basically a 3D printed surgical tool which completely fits the patient on which it is used.

Recently, Orthopedics This Week adjudged 3D printed MySpine as the Best New Technology in Spinal Care in 2014. The outcomes of the spinal surgeries will improve significantly with these new customizable 3D printed tools.  Performance of the physician as well as satisfaction of the patients will improve with the customized patient-specific guides.

This is a huge success for the 3D printing technology and the medical sector. In the future, we can now hope that spinal surgeries will become much easier.

What do you feel?

Do you feel 3D printing will improve spinal surgeries? In what other areas do you think 3D printing can make waves? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image source – mirror.co.uk

Article Source – 3dprint.com


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