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3D Systems Showcases new 3D Printers at CES 2015

3D Systems Showcases new 3D Printers at CES 2015

3D Systems, the 3D printing company has brought a whole lot of innovations at this year’s International CES. At the press conference that the company held on Tuesday, Avi Reichental, the CEO, stated that in 2015, 3D printing will go mainstream and will be available in almost every house. The theme of their conference was “the home of now.” The press conference was equipped with food, fun and fashion stuff and everything was 3D printed.

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New Demonstrations

At the CES 2015, 3D Systems showcased new 3D printers which they are going to release in the market pretty soon. One of them is the CocoJet, a chocolate printer which has been developed in partnership with Hershey’s. Ekocycle is another 3D printer displayed at this year’s CES. It uses plastic filament which has been recycled after consumer use. It is going to be launched in partnership with Coca Cola and wiil.i.am.

OpenHaptics SDK and Touch Haptic 3D Stylus system which is compatible with Oculus Rift were also the highlight of the conference. A virtual sculpting software tool is created with these devices which can turn 3D modeling to a simple game-like experience.

The suite of 3D Systems at the CES was set up like an advanced home showing different ways in which this technology can be used in our daily life. Fashion was one of the main parts of this theme. Bags, earrings, shoes and clothes with 3D printed designs adorned the suite.

Products for Kitchen Use & Outdoor Use

3D Systems promoted their Cocojet and Chefjet food printers. Cake decorators and pastry chefs find the Chefjet really helpful. It gives them the freedom and creativity to print out all types of cake toppers and candies. 3D Systems is teaming up with the Culinary Institute of America so that artisan culinary methods and 3D printing can be combined to create new recipes.

For outdoor use, the company demonstrated every possible type of use of 3D printing, right from customized skateboards to remote-controlled cars to printed ping pong balls and paddles. The Ekocycle was used to create some of the items. The printer uses PET plastic which is made of recycled bottles of Coca-Cola.

3D Systems is harnessing today’s technology instead of focusing on what will be available tomorrow to make the innovative ideas turn into reality. This will actually help in creating objects which will see the light of the day.

What do you think?

Do you think 3D printing has improved over the years? Are you going to try out any new product from the company? Share it with us in the comments below.

Image Source – engadget.com

Article Source – zdnet.com


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