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How will 3D Printing Impact B2C Companies?

How will 3D Printing Impact B2C Companies?

3D printing has made quite a stir in terms of innovation. This technology has found its use in different sectors and has made a strong impact everywhere. Like other sectors, it is expected that 3D printing will change the way products are manufactured and used in the future. With the rapid rise of this technology, businesses which deal with the production, distribution and sale of products will be immensely affected. While it is not possible to make exact predictions, here are some ways which will show how 3D printing will have an effect on B2C businesses.

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5 Ways in which B2C Companies will be affected

  • Providing Customized Products

With 3D printing, businesses will be able to print out products quickly and in a cost effective way. As the products can be built up using the exact specifications, businesses should start providing customized products to consumers as per their requirements.

  • Enforcing Intellectual Property Laws will be Difficult

3D printers let businesses reproduce any product with the exact precision as that of the original. This might lead to difficulty in the enforcement of intellectual property laws and copyright laws.

  • Switching from Selling Products to Platforms

When consumers are able to create a product at their home and by using their choice of materials, with no shipping costs, there is no use for businesses in selling products. So, businesses should instead switch to selling platforms which the consumers can use to print the desired products themselves.

  • More importance to Design

3D printing brings more importance to design rather than manufacturing. As people print the products at their home, they tend to focus more on the design than the physical product. So, businesses should keep that in mind while they are branding their products.

  • Increased Demand for 3D printers in Factories

Right now 3D printers are generally used to create prototypes in manufacturing instead of creating the actual product. However, as the demand for 3D printed products is increasing among consumers and the printers are getting faster and cheaper, it is most likely that the use of 3D printers will find more prominence in factories.

3D printing has the greatest ability to manufacture products and that too with a precision which other technologies do not posses. This will make 3D printing even more widespread in the near future and more innovative products will be developed.

What do you think?

Do you think 3D printing can change the B2C industry? What other changes do you think this technology will bring about in the future? Share your views in the comments below.

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