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World’s First 3D Printed Apartment Built in China

World’s First 3D Printed Apartment Built in China

3D printed dwellings are something which architectural firms are working upon in their designs. WinSun, a company based in China has already set about, to get the job done. Last year in March, the company claimed to have 3D printed, 10 houses in 24 hours. They used a registered 3D printer that uses a mixture of industrial waste and ground construction. A special hardening agent and quick-drying cement is combined together and acts as the base to which the mixture is added. WinSun has now created a 3D-printed 5-storey building apartment which is a first in the world.

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3D Printed Villa and Apartment

The efficiency of 3D printing technology has been demonstrated by WinSun with the creation of this apartment of 5 storeys and a villa of 1,100 square meters. The mansion and apartment have been put on display at the Suzhou Industrial Park and is completely decorated inside and out.

Ma Yihe has developed the 3D printer array which is 6.6 meters high, 10 meters wide and 40 meters long. This printer manufactures the 3D printed parts in big pieces at WinSun’s facility. The structures are fixed on-site using steel supports and insulations to comply with the standards of official building.

How is the Building Made?

According to the company, a CAD design acts as the template and the extruder arm is controlled by the computer to lay down the material “much like how a baker might ice a cake.” The walls that are printed are hollow and to provide them support, a zig-zag pattern is made inside. With this pattern, insulation can be done properly.

There are many benefits of using 3D printing to build a large apartment or mansion. It will save between 30 and 60 percent of construction waste and the time to manufacture will also decrease by 50 to 70 percent. As the production time decreases, the labor costs also decrease by 50 to 80 percent. The total amount that was spent to build the 3D-printed villas was around $161,000.

The process is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly as it uses recycled materials and decreases the requirement of quarried stone and other materials.

WinSun hopes to use 3D printing technology in the future on larger scale constructions like skyscrapers and bridges.

While it is too early to say that 3D printing technology can change the architectural market, we can still hope that in the future we see more such constructions.

What do you think?

Do you think 3D printing can make a huge change in the construction business? What other applications of 3D printing do you like? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: businessinsider.com


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