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3D Printing Creates Christmas Ornaments from Artifacts

3D Printing Creates Christmas Ornaments from Artifacts

Museums are increasingly resorting to 3D printing to reach out to more people. With this technology, artifacts are 3D scanned and are made available for download. The users can 3D print the 3D scan online. Students, researchers and other people interested in old art work can get a look at the replicas of these artifacts which they would otherwise be unable to touch, see or hold.

Now, the same technology is being used with a twist by the Idaho Virtualization Laboratory, a research unit of the Idaho Museum of Natural History which is located at Idaho State University campus.

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How will 3D printing be used by the museum?

The IVL has taken artifacts and with 3D printing, created holiday ornaments from these works of art.  Some of the art pieces which have been recreated into 3D printed holiday ornaments include Hagerman Horse, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Walrus, Killer Whale, Dire Wolf and more. With Christmas round the corner, these ornaments can be perfect for your Christmas tree. You will surely grab many eyeballs with these 3D printed ornaments adorning your Christmas tree.

Representatives of the IVL explained on their Facebook page regarding this plan saying that “Tis the season and we want to give back to all of you that have been so kind as to follow our shenanigans and work. To that end we are GIVING away a line of Christmas ornaments!”

IVL Shapeways Shop

As of now, the Shapeways shop for the IVL contains ten designs. More designs are supposed to be added soon. You can download the designs from the Shapeways site for free. Printing and material prices are only what you have to bear.

If you want to get readymade printed ornaments, you can start as little as $4.58, which is the cost of the Crabtree Blade ornament or can go as high as $30.97 for the Hagerman Horse. The Crabtree ornament is made of white nylon plastic whereas the Hagerman ornament is made of polished metallic plastic.

3D printing has thus evolved significantly over the past couple of years and you can now afford to get hold of impressive pieces of artwork which would be impossible earlier.

What about you?

Are you going to download these scans for your holiday ornament? Do you think more museums should follow the IVL? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – instructables.com

Article Source – 3dprint.com


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