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UV Light will Now be Used in a 3D Printing Pen

UV Light will Now be Used in a 3D Printing Pen

3D printing pens which have made their foray in the market use liquid resin for printing. Use of these pens often turns out to be a tricky and messy affair. It’s almost similar to using hot glue gun while making a craft project. So, a better solution might be using UV light instead of dangerous heat for 3D printed pens. One such project where a 3D printed pen uses UV light instead of liquid resin is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo. The CreoPop pen might turn out to be a hit once it is developed completely.

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How Other 3D Printing Pens Work?

The 3D printing pens which are either in the market or in the development stage extrude a molten liquid plastic that cools and solidifies as it comes out. A desktop 3D printer, a print-head that is controlled by a computer, controls the stream of molten plastic that comes out of the pen. The user must know the perfect technique so that thin strands of plastic are not left behind when he/she uses the hand-held 3D printed pens.

If you want to create something worthwhile with these pens, you must have exceptional drawing skills and it requires lots of practice and above all, patience. Using 3D printing pens which require heat might also cause severe skin burns.

CreoPop Pen

Unlike other 3D printing pens which use heat, the CreoPop pen uses a set of three UV lights which surrounds the nozzle. When the light-sensitive liquid resin comes out, it will instantly harden due to these UV lights. The pen will be safe to use even for the kids as there will be no risk of burning. It is also supposed to help users create a cleaner model as there is no chance of molten strands of plastic being left behind all over the place.

However, there is a disadvantage to this pen. The CreoPop pen uses its own cartridges, with each cartridge’s cost being around 2 to 3 bucks. It can create a 46 foot line of solidified plastic. So, you have to rely on the company’s own refills, just like inkjet printers. On the other hand, this means you will get CreoPop 3D printed pens at a much cheaper rate.

The project is currently running an Indiegogo campaign where you can pledge $89 and get yourself the CreoPop pen. If the funding goal is reached successfully, then you can expect to use a 3D printed pen which uses ultraviolet light instead of heat, sometime in the future.

What about you?

Have you used any 3D printing pen? Are you going to pledge funds for this project? Share your insights in the comments section.

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