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3D Printing Gives Rise to DIY Consumers

3D Printing Gives Rise to DIY Consumers

3D printing has gained immense popularity in recent years. The use of 3D printers is gradually moving from commercial to personal use. However, it is still a long way to go before every household has a 3D printer. Even in these conditions, increasing number of consumers is buying desktop 3D printers and we can expect that in 25 years there will be many DIY consumers. By 2018, the 3D printing industry is expected to move beyond $16.2 billion, according to Canalys, a research firm.

So what is driving the growth of this technology? Let us find it out from this post.

The Reason behind the Growth of 3D Printing

Experts believe that consumers find 3D printing appealing as they desire to create products which are customized as per their requirements. This is something which is not possible with conventional manufacturing processes. Samir Hanna, the senior vice president of consumer and 3D printing products at AutoDesk said “Right now, companies have to customize for us. But taking that power in our own hands is something that people want. Human beings are very individual, but it’s hard for us right now. Ultimately, it’s about empowerment.”

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With 3D printing, consumers can customize different types of things right from jewelry to apparel. A time may come when consumers will be able to print out their own electronic device. The fashion industry has already embraced this technology to create shows, jewelry and clothes. Nike has started to 3D print parts of certain shoes and also to create customized duffle bags.

How Consumers will Use 3D Printing?

Experts say that 3D printing in the consumer space will grow over the next two decades in a similar way like that of paper printing industry. Consumers will have to go to agencies to get their objects 3D printed, which would not be possible to accomplish using a home-based 3D printer.

Companies like FedEx or Home Depot might set up 3D print stations where consumers could leave their digital files and later get their 3D printed materials.

3D printers in every home might be an impossibility but the numbers will definitely increase and more and more consumers will resort to creating objects themselves using their own printers in their homes.

What do you think?

Do you think 3D printing will increase the number of DIY consumers? Are you interested in creating your customized products? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source: theconversation.com

Article Source – cnbc.com


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