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3D Print Food Items with ‘Foodini’

3D Print Food Items with ‘Foodini’

At a time when the Army is thinking of serving 3D printed food items to the soldiers, a new 3D printer will come into the market, which will help people to 3D print food items. Known as ‘Foodini’, the printer had run a Kickstarter campaign in the first half of 2014. The printer has been developed by a Barcelona-based company, Natural Machines. It is similar to a normal 3D printer and the technology used is the same. The only difference is that normal printers use plastic whereas Foodini uses edible ingredients.

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Printing Wide Range of Dishes

Natural Machines displayed ‘Foodini’ at the Web Summit technology conference held in Dublin. This machine is claimed to be only one of its kind which can print a variety of dishes, right from sweet to spicy dishes. According to the co-founder of Natural Machines, Lynette Kucsma, the technology of this 3D food printer might be same as that of other 3D printers but there is a small difference. Plastics have a single melting point, but food items have different consistencies, temperatures and textures. Gravity might work against ‘Foodini’ as it is hard to hold the shape with food unlike plastic.

Initially, professional kitchen users will be targeted and later on a consumer version is expected to be available at a retail price of about $1,000.

Only Printing of Food

Right now ‘Foodini’ is focused on the time consuming parts of the food preparation that people find difficult to process. It also requires fresh ingredients for printing the food, thereby promoting healthy eating. Plans are on for the creation of pre-packaged plastic capsules which can just be inserted in the printer to make food.

The ‘Foodini’ can be really helpful for creating complex designs on food items as well as for recipes that require agility and accuracy on the part of the users.

Right now only printing of food is possible and users have to cook the food as usual. However, the company plans to create a printer which will be able to cook the food and provide users with a ready to eat meal.

Users can connect to any recipe site with the help of a touchscreen that is available on the front of the printer. They can also use their smartphones and control the machine remotely. Recipes can also be shared with the community, thereby adding a social element to ‘Foodini’.

The company plans to start mass manufacturing at the second half of 2015.

What about you?

Are you waiting for the ‘Foodini’? Do you think 3D printed meals will have nutritional values? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – mashable.com


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