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Intel 3D Printed Dress to Ward Off Potential Attackers

Intel 3D Printed Dress to Ward Off Potential Attackers

The SmartSense system of Intel is set to bring in a new intelligence level to different things, starting from drones to dresses. At the CES 2015, Intel unveiled a new smart camera system which can change the way we interact with machines. The CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich also showcased the RealSense technology of the company which can see and understand the depth of any object.

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According to Krzanich, “The rise of new personal computing experiences, intelligent and connected devices, and the wearable revolution are redefining the relationship between consumers and technology.”

The company has also showcased a 3D printed dress designed by experimental designer Anouk Wipprecht which can ward off potential attackers.

3D Printed Spider Dress

Wipprecht said that the “Spider Dress acts as the interface between the body and the external world.” The 3D printed arachnid limbs on the Spider Dress can track when a wearer’s personal space is being invaded. This might help women to ward off potential attackers.

The shoulder plates have nine degrees of freedom and the dress is fitted with 20 servos for movement. Proximity sensors which measure up to 23 feet across the body are used by the dress. A built-in respiration sensor is there which connects to the skin. This sensor, programs the behavior into a ‘friendly fire’ mode.

A Selective Laser Sintering method was used to digitally design and 3D print the dress. Pearly white nylon was used to create the Spider Dress in 60 hours.

How Does the Sensors Work?

Wipprecht unveiled the second version of this dress at the CES. Different technologies that uses the Edison chip from Intel have been used which can mainly prevent people from crowding the personal space of the wearer. The spider legs are expanded when the sensors detect that wearer is breathing rapidly and a person is getting too close for comfort.

There are black shells which contain LEDs and they resemble spider eyes. They are located at the sides of the bodice of the Spider Dress. They react to people coming near the wearer in two different ways depending on their way of approach. They either flash as a sign of warning or glow as a sign of welcoming.

It uses wireless biometric signals and makes inferences, based on your stress levels. It can discriminate between 12 behavioral states.

So, you can now wear the 3D printed dress and keep yourself safe.

What about you?

Are you going to try out the dress? Do you think this is an advancement of technology? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source – damngeeky.com

Article Source – dailymail.co.uk

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