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Miniature Tank Created with 3D Printing

Miniature Tank Created with 3D Printing

3D printing technology has been used to create some of the best models in different sectors. Another new creation using this technology will leave viewers spellbound. Recently a miniature tank had been created with 3D printing. EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory® 3 Mini Multi LensDigital Light Processing 3D Printer was used for this purpose. A detailed miniature figure cast of the tank was made.

Artig, based in Riga, Latvia had been approached by Mini-Koleso to develop a model of the tank in 1:35 scale. The company offers a figurine-on-demand service. It specializes in producing military and historical miniatures with the use of a range of technological solutions like 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing and also combines them with conventional methods like casting and molding.

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Why EnvisionTEC?

EnvisionTEC, which is based in Gladbeck, Germany, already offers solutions to Games Workshops, one of the most renowned retailers of miniatures. To build the miniature tank, the required specifications in the model, included showing the welding and the bolts on the model. The requirement was fulfilled with the use of EnvisionTEC Digital Light Processing 3D printer. The printer has the capacity to provide a surface finish of high quality and post-processing is not required except for removing the printing supports.

Another reason for choosing this supplier was that the company’s materials were best suited to fulfill the spin-casting process. Hot vulcanization process at 90°C (194°F) was used for modeling the parts into silicone discs.

How was it Helpful?

With the high accuracy level of the preliminary 3D prints, most of the parts created for the model fitted together at the first prototype. A 3D digital model was easily manipulated, which meant that to create the model with its necessary dimensions, only a few hours of work and molded parts were required. The next step included choosing casting parameters and end product alloys and the final model design was in place and cast in tin alloy.

Only 50 scale models were manufactured for Mini-Koleso’s Rare Models category and the miniature tank was created as a limited edition model.

We can hope to see more such innovative creations with 3D printing in the near future.

What do you think?

Do you think 3D printing can be used to make more innovative creations? What innovation would you like to see in the future with this technology? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – theoverlordsforum.freeforums.org

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