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Printoo Brings 3D Printed Objects to Life

Printoo Brings 3D Printed Objects to Life

Ynvisible, a Portuguese company has developed Printoo, a platform which consists of paper-thin modules and circuit boards. It is a flexible, lightweight, open-source and modular Arduino-compatible platform, which can be used by the makers to create anything they want. The best thing about Printoo is that it comes with a set of printed electronics modules, which were not available to the public previously. A Kickstarter campaign was launched on 17th April, 2014 to raise funds for the project and within 72 hours it was able to reach its funding goal.

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Bringing 3D Printed Objects to Life

3D printer enthusiasts will find this platform really helpful as it lets the creators bring their 3D printed creations come to life. They can add the electronic constituents to their 3D prints and for that they don’t even have to make any changes in the design. At present, 15 separate modules are there, which will be made available for use once the funding is campaign is over. Some of them include Bluetooth module, a LED matrix, a sensor module, DC motor drives, a printed battery connector, an Isorg slider, a coin battery holder and a solar cell connector. Your created 3D printed object can be given any shape you like and will come to life with Internet and Bluetooth connectivity, power, light and motion sensing, solar power, motorization and more.

Best for DIY

The modules are easily programmable, and if you are familiar with Arduino, you can develop the desired object with these kits. You can fix the modules together; play with the Arduino™ sketches that will be provided by Ynvisible and make use of the apps to connect Printoo. Controlling it is really easy. It might turn out the best thing for the DIY community.

Controlling Remotely

You can connect Printoo to the Internet with the help of different apps. This will let you remotely control the objects you make, using Printoo. You can also start or perform any action on the Web right from your laptop, smartphone or tablet from any place in the world.

The kits are offered to the backers of the project. So, if you want to grab your set of modules with which you can create your own 3D printed objects, you can pledge your fund. The campaign is on till 17th May, 2014. By providing this open source platform, Ynvisible is hoping to make the physical world smarter and more fun.

Are you going to back this project? Do you want to have your own creation? Share your views with us in the comments below.

Image Source – www.kickstarter.com

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