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3D Printing- The Pros and Cons

3D Printing- The Pros and Cons

3D printing has come a long way ever since its invention. With technological progress, 3D printing industry is growing in a rapid manner. The medical sector has seen the maximum use of this technology with the creation of 3D printed organs which have helped in saving many lives. Other sectors are also catching up on this technology and using it to make work easier and faster. Apart from its innumerable advantages, this technology has also its fair share of disadvantages. If you want to use 3D printing, you should be aware of the pros and cons of it so that you can be prepared to use it to your maximum benefit.

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Pros of 3D Printing

  • Varied Options of Manufacturing

People will be able to get varied options of manufactured products with 3D printing. They will be able to create customizable products as well as their own designs and print their products.

  • Fast Prototyping and Manufacturing

A design can be created into a prototype in a real quick time using this technology. Similarly, the manufacturing of the actual products is also fast, irrespective of the number of products being manufactured.

  • Decreased Costs

The cost of initial setup might be higher, but in third world countries, this technology is getting cheaper by the day. The increasing availability of home-based 3D printers is also decreasing the costs of 3D printing. What’s even better is that the cost of creating customized products is the same as that of products created through mass production.

  • Reduced Need of Warehousing

Unlike conventional manufacturing technologies, 3D printing only requires manufacturing of products that are going to be sold. This means there is reduced need of warehousing as excessive inventories will be needed less.

  • Advanced Healthcare

One of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is its use in the medical sector. By creating customizable human organs or body parts, this technology has made healthcare more advanced than before. By 3D printing vital organs like liver, heart, kidney etc. many lives can be saved. There will no chance of donor rejection as they will be created using the DNA and unique characters of the patient.

Cons of 3d Printing

  • Limited Use of Materials

3D printers can currently use limited materials like some metals, resin and plastic to create products. The use of mixed technology like circuit boards and other materials is still under development.

  • Creation of Dangerous Items

Apart from creating helpful products and human body parts, 3D printing can also produce dangerous items like knives, guns, etc with the utmost precision. This might pose a threat to the society.

  • Copyright Issues

As this technology becomes more widespread, it will be easier for people to print out different products. In fact printing out copyrighted products to build fake items and misusing them will be easier. It will be difficult to distinguish the fake ones from the copyrighted ones, thereby causing huge problem.

  • Limited Size

Right now, only small sized items can be built without any difficulty. Over time it might be possible to 3D print houses and large buildings with ease using 3D printers.

  • Decrease in Manufacturing Jobs

3D printing will decrease the manufacturing jobs as people can easily create their own products if they like. This will impact the economies of the third world countries, which depend on low skill jobs.

By knowing the pros and cons of this technology and working on them, it will be possible to enter a new age of manufacturing which will help the population as a whole.

What do you think?

Do you think 3D printing can overcome its disadvantages in the future? Do you know about any other pros and cons of this technology? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – 3dstuffmaker.com

Article Source – responsiblenanocode.org


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