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Create a Full-Body 3D Printed Figurine with Shapify

Create a Full-Body 3D Printed Figurine with Shapify

Artec Group, the 3D scanner manufacturer has made its debut in the US with the Shapify Booth. This booth will be able to do a full-body scan in just 12 seconds and with the scan, they can print a realistic figurine, which has been named ‘Shapie’. A 3D printer on full color is used to create Shapie. The technology was demonstrated at the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Santa Clara, California. Recreating small objects with 3D scanning and printing is not new.

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3D Shapify Booths

There are four wide view Artec scanners with high resolution, in the 3D Shapify booths that revolve around the person so that every angle can be scanned. As per the claims made by Artec, even the smallest details like the wrinkles on cloths the person in the booth is wearing, can be captured with the dynamic scan and accurate printing.

700 surfaces are captured with the scanning process and they are joined together automatically with the advanced algorithms. An electronic file is then produced which can be used for 3D printing.

In the UK, these booths have already been installed in two ASDA supermarkets. The company hopes that in the US also, retail stores like Wal-Mart as well as major tourist spots, theme parks, airports and shopping malls will be setting up these booths.


If retailers want to buy the Shapify scanners, they have to shell out $180,000. If they want to rent the scanners, they can get them for $10,000.

Artec is charging different rates for the figurines at its demo booths, depending on their height. For a 6 inches model, the price is $50. For 7.5 inches, it is $70 and for 9 inches, it is $100. The company is suggesting retailers to sell them for $99, $139 and $199 respectively. A $50 shipping fee is also being charged by Artec. The delivery will however be within just a week and at any location across the globe, irrespective of the number of figurines shipped.

You can just spend $20 and buy the 3D CAD file to 3D print your own figurine with your 3D printer.

Users who have Xbox Kinect game boxes can scan themselves at home with the Shapify Pro, a software package of Artec. They can then either print their figurine with their 3D printer or send the file to the company for printing.

What about you?

Are you going to create your own 3D printed figurine? Will you be visiting the Shapify booth? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – artec3d.com


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2 thoughts on “Create a Full-Body 3D Printed Figurine with Shapify

  1. Andreas Schanzenbach

    Hi guys,

    the headline is a bit misleading on this one! There is no-way that Shapie did really print the world’s first Full-Body 3D Figurine – never ever blast machine!

    Everyone knows that the first viral Mini-Me producer was by OMOTE 3D (http://www.omote3d.com/concept/index_en.html) which went global on a big scale. By now there are plenty of Full-Body 3D Printed Figurine providers. In Germany alone there are literally hundred’s. In Berlin I know by myself at least 10 providers and at least one has already a commercial version which tours now with the rapper CRO and allows fans to get a full body figurine together with their idol: http://www.chimperator-shop.de

    I hope that helped. Yours,

    SCHANZBOY – trend consultant and innovator

    1. Nick

      Hey Andreas,

      Thanks a lot for your input. We have changed the title for this post as you suggested. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more interesting news & views.


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