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Technology Meets Waste Product to Create 3D Printed Item

Technology Meets Waste Product to Create 3D Printed Item

3D printing is improving with each passing day. Now scientists are using waste plastic from the ocean to create a 3D printed item. The combination of technology with waste product to create useful 3D printed products might have a huge impact in today’s world. The Plastic Bank is trying to make such a positive impact with their ‘Social Plastic’ initiative. So what is this initiative all about? Check out this post to know more about the project.

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The ‘Social Plastic’ Initiative

On 8th June, the World Oceans Day is celebrated and the Plastic Bank has created a 3D printed item with recycled plastic from the ocean, right on time. It is considered to be the world’s first for both recycled ocean plastic and 3D printing. The entire item has been created using 3D printing filament which has been made with recycled plastic.

This project is the latest in the movement of the organization to change waste plastic from ocean into 3D printing filament so as to improve the lives of the poor across the world. They started the project by cleaning up the shoreline in Alaska where the plastic was taken out from the ocean. After sorting them out, the waste plastic was sent to UBC for turning them into 3D filaments. These filaments were again sent to the Plastic Bank headquarters in Vancouver where they were used to 3D print the first item.

Mission to Reduce Global Poverty

The Plastic Bank’s mission behind the use of recycled ocean plastic for creating 3D printed items is to reduce global poverty as well plastic waste by turning it to a currency. Exchange or re-purposing centers are being set up by Plastic Bank in the areas which have plastic pollution and high poverty rate. The mandate of the organization is to provide a chance for the world’s poor to overcome their poverty by offering them a reliable income and access to education, 3D printing services and other opportunities.

The mission of Plastic Bank is to reduce global poverty through their recycled ‘Social Plastic’ and at the same time cleaning the planet.

They are also trying to increase the demand for the use of Social Plastic in daily life. As the demand rises, the reward for harvesting Social Plastic will also increase. When waste plastic becomes too valuable to throw away, it will prevent the dumping of plastic in oceans, waterways and rivers in a big way, thereby reducing plastic pollution.

What do you think?

Is this initiative by Plastic Bank going to help reduce plastic waste from the ocean? Do you think it will help in reducing global poverty? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – www.artisaway.com


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