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Use Solar-Powered 3D Printers Anytime, Anywhere

Use Solar-Powered 3D Printers Anytime, Anywhere

Now you can build anything at any time of the day and at any place, thanks to a solar-powered 3D printer. Joshua Pearce, professor at the Michigan Technological University, combined solar power, 3D printing and the open-source movement to create 3D printers which can help communities where there is no reliable source of electricity but they require their own production methods. This 3D printer will be able to duplicate itself, or print more parts so that a larger 3D printer can be built. Now, it can be hoped that 3D printing will not just be limited to developing models, geeky figurines, phone cases and jewelry.

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A Practical Approach

This is not the first instance when solar 3D printer is being used. A few years back, a graduate student had set up a 3D printer and some panels in the Sahara Desert. This printer had the capability of turning the desert sand into glass creations which were 3D printed.

However, the concept that Pearce has been working on, to bring solar powered 3D printers, has a more practical approach to it. According to Pearce, this 3D printer has almost unlimited flexibility and can be carried in your suitcase. This makes it a mobile manufacturing facility with which users can build anything they require.

The Setup

The 3D printer model which is the larger one is a set of photovoltaic panels having a standalone printer. This could be set up at a community center or a school to print any kind of object, right from equipment for science-lab to toys.

What makes this more interesting is the smaller system that you can carry in a suitcase. It is a RepRap, an open-source 3D printer which can replicate itself as well as print parts as mentioned earlier. The larger printer which is less stationary is more powerful and productive.

If you want to set up the small suitcase system, you will be required to shell out $1,300 at the moment. However, Pearce expects that this cost will go down in the future.

So, now you can create your desired things at any place and time with this solar powered unique 3D printer.

What about you?

Are you going to try out this unique 3D printer? Do you think it will be a hit among consumers? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – brothersandsisters.co.uk


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