Play Music with 3D Printed Vinyl Players

Play Music with 3D Printed Vinyl Players
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Record players which were introduced in the late 19th century to record and create sounds might no longer be used, as higher quality devices have replaced them. But, they are still collected by many antique collectors and hobbyists who love to listen to music in an old-fashioned way. They prefer their vinyl records over modern CDs. There have been instances when 3D printing technology was used by many individuals to recreate the record players. Earlier, using a Stratasys Objet 500 Connex 3D printer, a record was created which had a great sound quality. But it was not very useful for typical record players due to the resin used to build it.

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MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge

Oana Croitoru, a woman from New Zealand, took part in the MakerBot Ghostly Vinyl Challenge. The challenge required designers to use turntables and vinyl records as a starting point and design new objects which would make audiophiles, music lovers and record collectors happy. Croitoru designed a Hand Cranked Vinyl Player and has high chances of winning this challenge.

3D Printing Vinyl Players

The Hand Cranked Vinyl Player is a 3D printed device which lets users play records with their hands. According to Croitoru, all the pieces for the record players are lined up neatly and they are designed in such a way that they will fit in a 15x15x15cm cube. The pieces can be easily 3D printed using the Replicator 2, without any support or rafting.

She added that once every piece is 3D printed, it takes only 5 minutes for the assembling. By fixing them with a little glue, the vinyl player is ready and it can be ensured that the pieces won’t fly as the player spins. Apart from that, a piece of paper, some tape and a needle for the amplifier is required for the player.

Friction, noise and scratching can be reduced by gluing some felt squares on top of the player. This is the “deluxe edition” of Croitoru’s design.

All kinds of records can be played with this 3D printed vinyl player. However, Croitoru suggests that by using 78rpm versions, the effect will be better, as others will need a slower crank speed, which will be difficult to control.

So, now you can play music without any glitch with 3D printed vinyl players.

What about you?

Do you like collecting vinyl records? Would you like to use a 3D printed record player? Share your thoughts with us.

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