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5 Free Augmented Reality Apps For An Effortless Home Decoration

5 Free Augmented Reality Apps For An Effortless Home Decoration

Often it is seen that you decorate your home but end up resenting the end result. To avoid such situations, the use of augmented reality is necessary. There are many augmented reality apps which will let you visualize the changes you want to make, be it the room color, placement of a furniture or application of a wallpaper. When you have a clear idea how the room will look after the changes are applied, you won’t regret your decisions. Here are five free AR apps which you can use to decorate your room in any way you want, without worrying about the end result.

If you are planning to buy a new home or have just moved into a new one, this augmented reality app will be extremely useful for you. It will give you the augmented reality view of how over a period of 24 hours, the sun passes across your house. You get to choose any time and day of the year and it will give you an overhead map view with details about the position of the sun throughout the day, starting from its rising direction to its setting direction. With this info in hand, you can arrange your furniture and indoor plants to make the most of it, when you move in to your new home. The app is available for iOS users. Android users can use another AR app called the Sun and Moon Finder.

If you have a large space and want to decorate the walls with pretty wallpapers, this app is suitable for you. Graham & Brown wallpaper company created this app to allow you paste virtual wallpapers on your walls. You need to calibrate the camera by opening the app and pointing it at your feet. Then point towards the corner of a wall and see how virtual papers are pasted on the wall. However, any object like TV, cabinet, etc. will be covered by the paper as it cannot ‘see’ them. You will get an exact estimate of the number of rolls and the cost of the decoration. Only for iOS users.

Ikea Place
As you plan to buy a new piece of furniture, you might be confused what will look good when placed in your home. This confusion can now be solved with augmented reality app Ikea Place. The app places virtual furniture in your room. You just need to open the app and move your smartphone’s camera around the room and on the floor. Then pick up a furniture of your choice, be it a chair, a bed, a wardrobe, a sofa or any other piece that you plan to buy and place the virtual furniture in the room. You can then move around and view it from various angles to get an idea how the furniture will look. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

From measuring rooms to placing furniture, MagicPlan can do anything. This AR app can also produce blueprints after measuring the rooms. You have to open the camera and see your room through it to allow the app to learn where your room’s corners are. The rest will be measured by the app. You will get a map created by the app where the windows, doors, cupboards, furniture and other items can be placed in the room. Based on the size of the wall and each floor, you will also get details about the cost of flooring, adding wallpapers, tiles and painting. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Dulux Visualizer
The Visualizer AR app from the company Dulux is used to find out how a certain paint would look on your wall. You have to point your smartphone’s camera to the walls of your room and the app will apply your selected colors. It does a good job as any furniture, TV set and switches are left untouched. You will be able to get a clear view how your wall paint will look along with other objects in the room. Paint as you like, whether it’s the interior of your room or the exterior walls. Available for both Android and iOS users.

Image Source:https://www.gearbrain.com/home-decorating-ar-smartphone-apps-2571689989.html

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