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Appletiser Bottles Come to Life with Augmented Reality

Appletiser Bottles Come to Life with Augmented Reality

Appletiser, a premium sparkling fruit juice, which is created by mixing carbonated water with fruit juice, uses augmented reality to give interactive experience to its users. The company will help people to step up the romance in their lives by adding some spice with this interactive and innovative limited edition collectable pack of 275ml. The new AR limited edition pack combines this advanced technology with the collectable packs and will be released this month itself. So, what can the consumers expect from these bottles of Appletiser? Let’s find out.

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Using Augmented Reality

With the use of augmented reality, the company has made three unique and interactive 3D animated characters which will come to life with this limited edition pack. Consumers will be able to use the camera of their mobile devices and see digital characters and objects interact with the real world surroundings in 3D. Appletiser’s interactive pack will let people see three characters come to life.

The three characters that will be visible to the consumers through augmented reality include Apple Blossom, a sexy, beautiful female character looking for love; Johnny Appleseed, a strange male character unlucky in love and QP1D, the cupid who uses a bazooka to make people fall in love instead of using bow and arrow. He also has a hovercraft instead of wings.

How Does the Technology Work?

Consumers have to download the APPletiser App from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You need to open the app and scan the bottom label of the 275ml collectable bottle of Appletiser. After the bottle has been scanned, either Apple Blossom, Johnny Appleseed or QP1D will appear and a set of AR clips are shown to the users which vary with three variations of the bottom labels, i.e. Romance, Love and Dream.

If you scan two different labels simultaneously, Apple, Johnny and QP1D will appear in augmented reality and interact with each other in entertaining ways. To see nine different actions come to life at the same time, you need to use two different bottom label bottles together. A Romance and Love label combination will interact differently than a Dream-Romance combination or a Love-Dream combination and so on.

Other Special Aspects of Appletiser Collectable Pack

Apart from augmented reality, there will be other special aspects of the new pack. They can be considered as collectables. 28 specially designed labels are there which are related to romance. The limited edition bottles can turn out to a great gift for friends, someone special or even a crush. The bottles come with funny adages like “Hugs and Kisses”, “Wild Thing”, “I got it from my Mamma”, etc.

The limited packs will be available in selected stores in March and will come with the Appletiser and Grapetiser range.

What about you?

Are you going to try out the Appletiser AR packs? Do you think this technology will help in marketing this product in a better way? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source: appletiser.gt

Article Source – mediaupdate.co.za

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