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Asda features Halloween Hunt using Augmented Reality

Asda features Halloween Hunt using Augmented Reality

Last year Asda connected with customers via mobile by introducing WIFI and augmented reality into stores before Christmas. This year again, Asda teamed up with Zappar, the augmented reality specialist, in March for their popular AR-based Easter Egg Hunt. The new Halloween hunt in-store campaign will run on October 26th in 406 locations.

The supermarket has renewed their partnership with Zappar before Halloween to keep up with the mobile marketing push during the holiday season. Asda along with the augmented reality specialist Zappar plan to turn its stores into something ‘Big Shop of Horrors,’ allowing shoppers to participate in the free haunted hunt on Saturday, October 26th in 406 store locations for chance to win £100.

To accomplish the task of this haunted hunt, shoppers need to download the Asda app. And using this augmented reality app, they need to complete a virtual shopping list as well as answer riddles that will be thrown at shoppers by Sir Spook. And at the same time, participants will have to track all the trapdoors that are hidden across the store.

Staff will be available to help the participants to operate their smartphones. Besides, the Asda magazine will be ‘zappable’ for this occasion. Asda’s head of events marketing Steph Hughes said, “The feedback from shoppers following the Easter events was just fantastic. We’re excited to roll out more fun for parents and kids this Halloween with even more going on in stores. Download the Asda app and join the fun.”

Adding on to Hughes’ comment, Max Dawes, Zappar’s head of partner relations said: “We are delighted to be working with Asda again for this Halloween extravaganza, helping to transform Asda stores into a Big Shop of Horrors. With extra characters and added interactive games, there will be plenty of spooky surprises for all to enjoy.”

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