Sunday 16 November 2014
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Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps Used by Teachers

Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps Used by Teachers
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Technological innovations have now made teaching an easier and more interactive process than before. Augmented reality is one such innovation which has made a huge impact in the classroom. Teachers are now using different AR apps to bring more interactivity in their teaching process and to get kids more interested during the classes. Game based learning will help kids to learn things more easily as they won’t feel bored as they do while just reading through the books. We bring to you top 5 augmented reality apps that are used by teachers in the classrooms.

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With the DAQRI app, teachers can provide a 4D augmented reality experience to the kids in the classroom.

  • The app not only brings a new level of interactivity in art, entertainment, promotions or product packaging, but it is also equally helpful in terms of education.
  • When 4D enabled objects, images and places come to life, they will reveal interactive 4D experiences and content to the kids, which will keep them hooked to the subject that is being taught.
  • Kids can get to understand different educational information in a completely new way.

Teachers just need to have a 4D-enabled object in the classroom, on which they need to aim the cameras of their mobile devices to make the objects come to life.


With additional digital content overlaid on the real world print material, learning will be fun for the kids.

  • The relevant printed materials when scanned with the Layar app, will give links to web content with which teachers can get hold of study materials.
  • Teachers can save interactive print experiences that are popular among the kids. This will help the teachers to show them again without scanning.
  • Interactive videos make the teaching process more interactive.


Books or magazines that have the ‘A’ logo can be scanned with the Aurasma app to provide interactive content known as Auras.

  • Locations, tagged objects and images can come to life when scanned with the Aurasma app.
  • Teachers can teach their students to search Auras at nearby locations with the map feature.
  • They can provide game based learning to the students like encouraging them to find hidden clues in a treasure hunt.
  • The app can also be used to augment project work of the students.


This augmented reality browser lets kids experience a world of virtual content.

  • Teachers can help the kids use this AR browser app to scan QR codes, or unlock augmented content on objects and images so that they can play games in a fun and interactive way.
  • With visual search, content in AR aided images can be discovered by the kids.
  • Quizzes can also be unlocked with this app, which will be really helpful for the kids.

Amazing Space Journey

If teachers want to teach their students about the space, this is the best augmented reality app.

  • Students will be able to explore the Sun and discover the Solar System with this app.
  • This is an amazing interactive tool for kids of any age who need to learn about the features of the Solar System.
  • They can learn about the planets and their satellites in a detailed way.
  • With 3D augmented reality experience, kids can see the Solar System on their desks or on their palm.

These are among the top augmented reality apps which are ideal for teachers.

What do you say?

Have you used any of the app mentioned above? Do you find them beneficial in terms of education? Can you mention any other AR app which is ideal for teachers? Let us know about other apps in the comments below.

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