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Augview- AR Mobile Asset Management Application

Augview- AR Mobile Asset Management Application

There are many tools for asset management but use of augmented reality technology in these tools is unheard of. Now, with Augview, asset management will become even easier as the technology used is new and empowers the field workers by showing them live corporate data on mobile field devices like tablets and smartphones.  Augview is different from other GIS solutions. Other solutions try to use the back office GIS whereas Augview connects directly to one or more GIS servers using a secure internet connection. The web server then supplies geographic asset data and displays them on the mobile devices in the form of 3D visualization, a text or a map. The field staff can then edit and update the assets in real time without any extra administrative overhead.

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Features of Augview

  • Multi-Platform Native Application

A native application technology has been used to create Augview. But unlike other single-source applications, it is not limited to a single device. It operates easily in different devices like Windows, Android and iOS. This means any mobile hardware can be used for running this application properly.

  • Augmented Reality

With augmented reality feature of the application, the GIS solution of the mobile devices becomes a more effective tool for field staff. Augview can rearrange your assets in the real world location on top of the video feed of the device. This is possible with the combination of the sensors of the device and the GIS data. This features helps field workers envisage objects which cannot be seen with naked eye like a sewerage pipe, a buried cable, etc.

  • Flexibility of Data Control

You have the flexibility of determining your data source and the number of sources that you want to combine. With data from different sources, field workers get a vast amount of information which will help them in their decision making process. You will be able to get a complete view of your environment with Augview. With the ability to combine data from different data sources, it reduces the requirement of multiple devices.

  • Added Security

There are added security features in Augview which will protect the application against any undesired access on your device or database. You can grant or revoke access to Augview whenever you feel like. In case of loss or theft of your mobile device, you just need to log in to the web-based management portal and disable the access remotely.

So, with Augview, you can now manage your mobile assets without any difficulty.

What do you think?

Have you used Augview? What other applications of augmented reality would you like to see? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – augview.blogspot.com


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