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P(AR)take- A Virtual Dance Archive with Aurasma AR App

P(AR)take- A Virtual Dance Archive with Aurasma AR App

The 40th edition of the National Arts Festival which was held in Grahamstown, was celebrated with the launch of a virtual project by dancer, producer, choreographer and academic, Jeannette Ginslov. The project is a first in South Africa and is an augmented reality based dance archive and public art combo. The project has been named as P(AR)take. The project can be accessed by visitors by using the Aurasma AR app in their smartphones.

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P(AR)take with  Aurasma AR App

Triggers have been created for 10 dance performance videos on the main program of the Festival by using the Aurasma AR app. Thirty years of the South African history, starting from 1984 to 2014, have been covered in this project. According to Ginslov, the aim of the AR based project is to enhance the participation of audience in developing the contemporary dance of South Africa. He also added that this will help in making the audience a part of the media instead of just being a passive consumer as the content will be curated in that way. They will be able to use AR “to encourage mobility and a dialogical framework”.

How can the Users View the content?

They need to download the Aurasma app in their smartphones and search for the P(AR)take channel and follow it. Users will then be able to get a physical tour through a digital archive, spanning across decades. Users can uncover the archive that is tagged onto 10 trigger boards in Grahamstown by following the map. If they want to view the video of the choreographer’s work that appeared on the main program of NAF, they have to hold their mobile devices over the trigger board. If they want to know more about the choreographer and his/her work, all they need to do is double tap the device once the video ends and they will be redirected to a URL with the required info.

A white card with printed text and an image acts as the trigger.

Users will be led to the next venue and the next set of trigger boards. There are 5 venues which are linked to dance at the 2014 National Arts Festival and 10 videos of dance.

Technology meets art in this digital dance archive project.

What do you think?

Do you think this project will make people more aware of the dance history of South Africa? What other AR apps do you like? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – memeburn.com

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