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Design Your Home with AR App AZEK Building Products

Design Your Home with AR App AZEK Building Products

AZEK which is a leading manufacturer of building products, has launched a home improvement app which will help users to design their homes in any way they like. The app uses augmented reality technology and is known as AZEK Building Products app. It has been developed by CPG Building Products to make the dream of any outdoor living space or home, a reality. Users can experience both 2D as well as the futuristic 3D technology with the AZEK Building Products app. If you want to know how this app can help you in designing your dream home, you can take a look at this post.

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The AZEK Building Products iPad App

You can choose from 2D or 3D visualization into the future of your home and see your house come to life with the design changes. You can select from a range of features which include paver layouts, porch colors, railing and deck designs, molding and trim applications and many more.

In 2D, you will get five home scenes from which you can know about the entire range of AZEK Building Products. Using the app in 2D mode, you can have a look at the photo galleries and also watch the videos. The products that you view can be customized using different styles, colors, patterns and their designs. You can create your own designs, tag them and add notes. You will also be able to save those designs and share with others if you like, directly through the app.

In 3D, you will be able to visualize how your future home will look like with your designs. There will be a marker like the cover of any catalog of AZEK Building Products or you can download it from the official site. By using your iPad and the app, you can enter the augmented world. You can customize your house, rotate, turn or zoom in to check if the design is just like you want it to be. The app is built on VisualCommerce™.

How does the app work?

First you need to download and launch the app. Then you can select from any of the five images of homes and make any changes in the images of your choice. If you want to go for a 360 degree view of your design, you can select the 3D Virtual Reality mode.

For this mode, you need to print out the marker and by switching to the desired mode, you can scan the marker with your iPad’s camera. You will then be able to view the augmented reality home in 3D and make your desired changes.

The app is free to download and is designed for iPad 3.

What about you?

Do you love creating your own designs for your home? Are you going to use the AZEK Building Products iPad App? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – marxentlabs.com

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