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Babybel Buddies- Augmented Reality App By Mini Babybel

Babybel Buddies- Augmented Reality App By Mini Babybel

Bel Brands USA is the maker of the Mini Babybel brand which is a lunch box favorite among consumers of all ages. We are just a couple of months away from Halloween and the brand has already started its preparation for this celebration. The brand has released a special limited edition Halloween packaging. This is the second time in a row. Last year also, a special edition was released for Halloween. This year, the spookiest event will be made more exciting and fun with an augmented reality app, called Babybel Buddies which has been released along with the special edition package.

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Babybel Buddies

The success of limited edition Halloween packages of last year had prompted the brand to release similar packages this year along with added augmented reality experience for the users. The Babybel wrappers feature creepy images of ghouls, carved pumpkins and monsters.

Consumers will get an option to download the Babybel Buddies AR and gaming app which is highlighted on every limited edition set of Mini Babybel. Consumers will be able to experience one of the six Mini Babybel characters of Halloween by scanning the individual wrappers with the app.

A gaming platform will also be offered by the app using which users can play by donning their favorite Halloween character of Mini Babybel. Each of the character will show some unique moves.

The app will become a regular feature for future limited edition packs in Halloween till 2015. Plans are also being made for providing the consumers with a similar experience for Christmas.

Availability of the Halloween Packs

The packs will be available throughout all retail channels for five weeks, starting from 29th September to 3rd November. Consumers will be able to get the Halloween designs in the Mini Babybel Original 6 and 12 packs, in Mini Babybel Light 6 and 12 packs as well as Mini Baby Cheddar 6-packs.

Print advertising and a 3 week promotion on TV will be started from 6th October to support the Halloween campaign.

According to the Bel UK marketing director, Steve Gregory, they plan to make the AR and gaming app a key component of the future marketing campaigns of Mini Babybel so that they can provide a more exciting experience for their consumers.

What about you?

Is Mini Babybel one of your favorite brands? Would you download Babybel Buddies app? Share your views in the comments below.

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