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Augmented Reality Highlights at CES 2014

Augmented Reality Highlights at CES 2014

The International CES 2014 saw hordes of new tech innovations. New products were introduced, which included TVs, wearables, fitness gadgets, games and other stuff. Now, as the CES has wrapped up, it is time to look back and see what new changes have been introduced. Augmented reality was an important part among other technological innovations. Many AR apps, gadgets and wearables made their debut in Las Vegas, Nevada. We bring to you some of the hottest augmented reality and virtual reality gadgets and apps that were a part of CES 2014.

iOptik Augmented Reality Contact Lens

Innovega made the debut of augmented reality contact lens iOptik at CES this year. The fully functional prototype projects a head worn display onto contact lenses. The lenses will read the light from the projectors which are fitted to glasses and can focus on both close and faraway objects without difficulty. But this is yet to be approved for sale.

Lumus DK-40 Augmented Reality Glasses

Lumus DK-40 looks like Google Glass but it’s better than this gadget. You can view full VGA digital image over the right eye. The projector lens supports 25 degree field of view. It has a six axis motion tracking which can change pictures as you move your head. It has an Android app which acts as a remote control. However, the glasses will not be available immediately for the consumers.

3D Augmented Reality Makeup Mirror

Modiface unveiled the 3D Augmented Reality Makeup and Anti-Aging Mirror at CES 2014. It will help consumers to try on different shades of makeup and see how they would look like in the 3D mirror. Once they like the makeup, they can make their purchase. It can also be used by consumers to see how some skincare effects like jaw contouring, brow lift, etc. will look on them. Retailers can put kiosks with this technology and benefit from it.

Moverio BT-100

Unveiled by Epson America at International CES 2014, this second generation of Moverio Glasses is going to give tough competition to Google Glass. Moverio BT-100 has a pair of transparent lens through which users can view 3D content in a floating display. They can navigate through videos just with their head movement. As of now, it will be available to developers and for commercial use only.

Oculus Rift ‘Crystal Cove’

The virtual reality headset is one of the coolest products that were displayed at CES this year. Crystal Cove is the latest prototype of the ‘Oculus Rift’ group.  This product combines motion tracking and accurate 3D to provide an ultra-wide area of vision. When users wear the headset, they are connected to the game and the game is brought to life. As the users move their head or lean their body, the game will turn in accordance to that direction. The release date is yet to be announced.

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Aurasma’s new 3D engine

Aurasma, the app for Android and iOS devices has gone 3D at this year’s CES. It has launched a giant new 3D engine which will enable users to view augmented reality components from different angles. Users can point on AR enabled content with their smart devices and they will see 3D pop-up. The AR components will move as users move around the target.

 Metaio’s 3D AR Tracking Software

Apart from new launches, CES saw some integration of existing technologies. One such announcement was the integration of Intel’s RealSense SDK and Metaio’s 3D AR tracking software. With AR tracking technology of Metaio and 3D camera technology of Intel, the difference between the virtual and real world will be blurred. Different features like voice recognition, face analysis, finger tracking, etc. will be available with this integration.

Sony’s ‘wearable HDTV’

Sony’ $1000 ‘wearable HDTV’ was unveiled at CES this year. This headset put the wearers in a new world. As the headset is strapped, users will feel that they are almost inside the video they are viewing. The view is widened as users turn their head up, down or sideways. Even those who wear glasses can use it. A hooded viewer is there which contains two screens, each of them giving high resolution images. A pair of headphones is needed to hear the video. At CES, a demo was shown to the users.

SeeSpace InAir

The world’s first AR TV experience will be obtained with SeeSpace InAir. InAir was unveiled at CES and will provide dynamic information from the web in your TV sets. It is an HDMI cable which when connected to your TV set and set top box, will provide an additional layer of information in front of the TV screens, about the show you are watching.

Qualicomm Vuforia’s apps

Like every year, this year also Qualcomm Vuforia brought forth two apps at the CES. One of them is Sony’s “What TV – Sony Buying Guide” and another is CalAR Mix. The former app lets you see whether a certain TV size will fit into your room or not. CalAR Mix on the other hand is a coloring app using which kids can see the pictures which they have colored, come to life.

These are some of the hottest AR trends and innovations that were unveiled at International CES 2014. If there is any other product which you liked this year, you can share it in the comments.

Image Source – www.geekwire.com 

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