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Cimagine AR App Lets You Virtually Furnish an Empty Room

Cimagine AR App Lets You Virtually Furnish an Empty Room

Augmented reality apps make shopping easier for consumers. Instead of trying out clothes in real life, they can try them on virtually and find out if they want to buy them. The same can be possible for furniture items. Cimagine, an augmented reality app allowed users to place an object in their home and see how they would look like when placed in real life. However, until now, it was not possible to see more than one item at a single go. Now with a new version of Cimagine, consumers will be able to see a range of different virtual products placed at different positions in the same room.

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Major Upgrade at Augmented World Expo

Cimagine unveiled a new version of the augmented reality app at the Augmented World Expo which was held in Silicon Valley. The AR app will allow users furnish their empty room virtually with their mobile device by placing virtual furniture products in there and see how they go with their décor. This could help interior decorators design an entire room with furniture items, appliances and lighting fixtures all at the same time giving them a realistic idea about the finished look of the room.

The Cimagine platform has undergone a major upgrade at the Expo. As mentioned above, from a single object, now a range of items are visible through mobile devices using Cimagine’s marker-less AR app. The event also saw the use of the Cimagine platform with low cost VR solutions from Google, the Google Cardboard VR headsets which work with smartphones having up to 6 inches display. The Cardboard headsets let users experience Cimagine in immersive 3D. Users can give voice commands and control the device.

Cimagine AR Platform

Many retailers are already using this platform including Shop Direct which is the fourth largest retailer in the UK. With augmented reality, around 1000 pieces of furniture have been digitized. As the customers use the app in their smartphones, they can see how the pieces would look in their rooms simply sitting in their homes.

Shoppers at Littlewoods.com, a site of Shop Direct can visualize the items just with a click of a button from any distance or angle.

Yoni Nevo, CEO of Cimagine Media said “We are very excited to show the world our latest development, which is, without a doubt, a significant advancement in the AR space. Our multiple-item platform will no doubt revolutionize the user experience, adding value to shoppers and retailers alike. We believe that this technological breakthrough allows AR to become a mainstream tool for augmented commerce as it finally makes AR intuitive and fit for the mass-market consumer.”

Augmented reality could be adopted by more retailers with this initiative by Cimagine.

What do you think?

Do you feel this new version of the Cimagine will help more retailers turn to this technology? Can AR really help retailers gain more customers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – timesofisrael.com

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