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Cotton On Launches Augmented Reality Campaign

Cotton On Launches Augmented Reality Campaign

Cotton On, the fast fashion brand which ships its products across the globe, has launched an augmented reality campaign across 17 countries. With this AR functionality customers will be able to interact with the banners at the shopping windows at any time of the day. Consumers will be able to experience this technology if they download the Cotton On AR app in their mobile devices. Together with Arkade, their technology partner, Cotton On is planning to promote special offers for only the September month.

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The Cotton On App

Once the consumers download the Cotton On AR app, they can point the camera of their mobile devices at the banners which have augmented reality integrated in them. They will then be able to see a virtual fashion show and will also get a whole lot of options to unlock certain promotions.

According to the Digital and E-Commerce Manager for Cotton On, Sameiko Slota, the initial promotion through AR is being done as an experiment. It has been designed to promote certain offers which the consumers can avail only in the month of September. However, there are plans to integrate this technology for future use. The app can be downloaded from iTunes Store as well as Google Play.

No Time Limitations

The AR app is not bound by time. The digital windows displaying the AR content that are in the stores can be accessed even if the stores are closed. There is no time limitation, thereby allowing customers to shop at anytime of the day. The main objective of the campaign is to promote in-store as well as online shopping.

Slota said in a statement “Our Cotton On customer is extremely savvy so we’re always on the hunt to find innovative ways to engage with them,” she said. “Another big part of being customer-focused is allowing the customer to dictate when and how they want to interact with us – so allowing a vehicle to assist this is only a benefit to the customer and the business.”

When it comes to embracing new technologies, Cotton On is not too far behind. If this AR promotion is successful, more interesting projects can be expected in the future. Check the video below to get a clear idea about how the app works.

What about you?

Are you going to try the Cotton On AR app? Which other AR apps have you used? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – tinokuhn.com


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